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Hair transplantation is very artistic technique which has major steps extraction, slitting and implantation of hair grafts from permanent zone of the scalp. It is done under local anaesthesia to make it painless procedure.

Dr. Indu kumari is passionate towards various techniques and innovations in the field of hair transplantation.We provide a free assessment which helps patients understand the technique in detail and answer all their doubts. The patients are shown videos and are made extremely comfortable before the procedure.

Dr. Indu Kumari

Dermatologist & surgon

After getting three gold medals from MD College at Banaras Hindu University and fellowships in hair transplant and aesthetic dermatology, Dr. Indu Kumari has been able to pull up all departments of dermatology on her own at AISHH (All India Skin and Hair Hospital, Delhi) in a very short span of time. Majorly, AISHH deals with hair transplantation, trichology, and aesthetic dermatology (lasers and anti-ageing treatments). Also caters to dermatopathology (skin and hair disease diagnosis) and clinical dermatology (treatment of various skin diseases and infections)

Everyone wants to look good, and not everyone likes hiding behind make-up, as confidence is only one thing that makes us look beautiful, and we know that our natural appearance has to be loved first by ourselves so that it gets reflected in the world. So, AISHH comes up with a basic agenda of minimal, affordable, and effective skin and hair care advice and treatments. We are also coming up with a unique line of skincare products.

She highlights the emerging trends that we adopt in our practice and what we believe at AISHH that help in maximum patient satisfaction.

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AISHH Advantage

BHU & AIIMS trained Doctors.

Affordable price for patients so that they feel confident enough.

Best technique of hair transplantation utilised at the centre.

Mega sessions, Direct hair translation and Bio FUE are done in our patients.

A thorough examination of the root cause of hair loss examined by experts.

Best construction of hairline.

No root touch technique implantation of grafts and well maintenance of hair direction.

Best after care service and care of the patient giving a personal touch.

Types of Hair Transplantation at AISHH

FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular unit extraction technique is the advanced technique to take individual hair graft through punch and implant in the bald area. Its a quicker procedure with less scar. Each graft contains 1-5 hair follicles.

FUT Hair Transplant

Follicular unit transplantation is the technique where a linear strip of hair is taken and individual graft is dissected for transplantation.


This is the modified method where growth factors are used to provide quicker healing with FUE method of hair transplantation.


Direct Hair Transplantation is the technique where the grafts are directly transplanted into the slits created at recipient area with almost no time left outside. This decreases the stay of grafts outside.

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1What is the correct age for hair transplantation?
Alopecia grade III and above which is stable and more than 21years are correct candidate for hair transplantation.
2What happens to transplanted hair?
Transplanted hair are from the permanent zone of scalp, So, hormones don’t act on them and are permanent.
3What is a graft and from where is it taken?
A graft is the follicular unit which contains 1-4 hairs with roots and some fat and tissue and is implanted at the recipient area.
4What is the cost of hair transplantation?
Cost depends on the area to be implanted, no. of technicians involved, technique used to do hair transplant and expertise of the hair transplant surgeon. AISHH makes sure that your confidence is given importance in your budget.
5Is the procedure safe?
Yes, its completely safe if done correctly with the proper technique. At AISHH the doctors have mastered the technique of hair transplantation.
6Will any scar be visible?
In FUE technique, there is no scar visible at all if you have a good donor area density.
7How long it takes for hair to grow?
After hair transplantation, the hair enters its hair cycle and initially falls, at 6 months you get 50% of results and at one 9 months to one year the best expected result is seen.

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